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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) When we flush our toilet, there’s a foul odor coming out. Can there be a leak in the pipes? What can we do about it?

Generally when you have a foul odor when flushing the toilet it means the toilet wax ring is not sealed to the toilet or the floor. Typically we replace the wax ring and it should take care of the problem, if not the roof vent may be blocked and need cleaned out.

2.) My toilet doesn’t flush every time we use it and water flows to the top. It doesn’t overflow but water rises to the top, and takes awhile to go down, then it bubbles, please tell me what to do?

The line needs to be cleaned to remove the blockage. If the blockage is far down the line, a hand snake may not have the power and the proper end to open up the pipe.

3.) The sewage is blocking up the drain pipe in the house when we do laundry or take a shower and the water barely moves when we flush the toilet. How do we remedy this problem?

Once you get to a point where the water is blocking up multiple fixtures it means either the main sewer line from the home to the city sewer or septic tank has a blockage.

4.) I have a foul odor coming from my garbage disposal. What can I do to eliminate this odor?

Foul odor occurs from a buildup of food debris within the disposal. To eliminate this odor, place ice cubes and lemon or orange peels in the disposal and run for 30 seconds. Next, squirt a little liquid dish detergent into the disposal while it is still running. Finally, run cold water for about 30 seconds to rinse all debris away.

5.) In winters past when the weather has turned to freezing, even if we turn off the water to the outside hosebibs, they still freeze and break, what can we do about this?

Turning off the water is not enough, you must also disconnect the garden hose connected to the faucet to allow the water in the pipe to drain out. This will allow the piping to withstand the cold weather.

6.) I am having a whistle sound that seems to be connected to the plumbing system. It comes and goes at times, but  I can’t find the cause of it. What could cause this?

The sound you are describing is usually caused by a toilet fill valve that is slowly leaking, to locate the offending toilet, remove the lid of each toilet tank and adjust the fill valve mechanism until it stops. Once you have found the toilet causing the problem, repair or replace the fill valve.

7.) How do I know if I have a broken water line outside my house?

A broken water line out in the yard may include an excessively high water bill, puddules in your yard or the sound of running water when no faucets of appliances are using water.

8.) What causes low water pressure and what can I do about it?

There are several things that could cause low water pressure, including a partially closed or malfunctioning shut off valve, a crimped water line, or deposits that gather in older galvanized pipes. If your neighbors have a strong water pressure, the problem is most likely between the water meter and your home.



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